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Ssh Networks is the leading virtual phone system that assists in increasing agent productivity, automating workflows, tracking team performance, and reducing communication costs

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Start growing your business with SSH Networks. We strive to provide value and solve the company’s problems by providing advanced services and solutions.

  • Hop On to the Future of Virtual Telephony
  • Technology that can exponentially increase your completed calls
  • We turn great ideas into awesome products

Transform Your Sales Process & Customer Experiences use To Monitor & Manage Your Business Operations From One Place.

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Technology that can exponentially increase your completed calls

For Sales Teams

Improve sales agents’ productivity and increase conversions. Leverage advanced features to build a strong brand presence and boost revenue.

For Support Teams

Create enhanced customer experiences by solving queries in a flash. Utilize Smart Call Forwarding to stay connected at any time.

For Call Centers/BPO

Level up your processes and connect with more prospects using IVR. Be available round-the-clock with our robust features.

Bulk Call

Ideal For Bulk Calling For Sales, Support And Call Center Teams

Optimal Customer Service Relies on Messaging

Engage effectively with your customers by utilizing a unified inbox that covers all communication channels. Collaborate seamlessly as a team and craft exceptional customer experiences through automation and smart solutions.

SSH NETWORKS, as a comprehensive platform, is perfectly tailored to your customer service needs. Consolidate all your communication channels, including WhatsApp Business, Apple Messages for Business, Twitter, Messenger, and more, into a single inbox for enhanced efficiency.



Third party chatbot integrations available.


Work simultaneously with all your colleagues on incoming conversations.

Quick replies

Respond faster by using pre-defined quick replies.

Intelligent Routing

Route conversations to teams or locations based on specific criteria.

Unified Inbox

Combine all your channels into one inbox.

Foster Customer Engagement

Facilitate a seamless experience for your customers, ensuring they receive the highest level of service across multiple communication channels. Streamline their interaction with your business, making it effortlessly convenient and efficient.

Leveraging WhatsApp for Your Campaigns

In a world where WhatsApp boasts an astonishing 2.5 billion users worldwide, it has transcended mere messaging to become a powerhouse for establishing social networks and facilitating intricate eCommerce relationships and transactions.

The question beckons: Is it not high time for you to seriously consider integrating WhatsApp into your marketing campaigns?

Implementing Automated Customer Interaction

Grant your customers the ability to access tailored service experiences at their convenience through automation.

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